Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Matched out!

? Funny how this title speaks volumes to me right now, as I’m still experiencing the heavy duty “Spin Cycle ‘O Jet Legg… (Doesn’t anyone wanna shed a tear for me?) Now let’s see… Japan = +17 hours. Carry the 5, subtract 3, divide by 2.125… Err, what day is it? Oh never mind!

And alas, I’ve just finished watching SPEED’s re-airing of this past weekend’s Brazilian GP, so now it’s fairly safe to wander the internets, although I’m obviously way behind over the past two weeks motorsports news… Including the interesting tidbits regarding BMW Sauber and WilliamsToyota race fuel temperatures being too low.

Previously while hangin’ about Chez Sadie Manor; Geez that seems so long ago, yet time flies by when you’re havin’ you know what? Thus while in New York I overheard SPEED’s Professor Matchett extrap-O-latin’ over his recent visit to The Glen!

During the Italian GP Friday practice session, Steve (“Professor”) Matchett chimed in while Bob Varsha was talking about Lake Como in the distance: “Speaking of rolling hills…” Over the previous weekend he’d been invited to Watkins Glen for his very first time by the Empire State & New England regions of the Ferrari Club of America. The event was superb and all of the spectators and participants there were adamant fans of Formula 1.

Matchett then confessed a new found respect for drivers while Varsha said quick get a tape recorder for David Hobbs…
(That’s why I’m saying this now…) Claiming how many hundreds of times he’d pulled, yanked and forced drivers into their six point harnesses. But when the shue was on the other foot and his friend had offered him a ride around The Glen aboard a Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge Car… And the Helmet had been affixed, he became claustrophobic… And told his friend “NO DICE!!!” I have to get out now…

To which guest host and ex-driver Townsend Bell replied that he preferred having the belts synched as tight as possible in order to feel completely secure with no flex in his movements along with feeling the carbon seat and chassis. Saying there was no better feeling to him then being strapped in!

Geez, I’d Killed for a chance to ride around Watkins Glen in that 360 Challenge car, while I guess Matchett would have never tried riding around Indy in the Sinden 2X Seater, eh?

Hey Matchett, I think Scott “Nose” Speed needs some help with his belts!