Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The Tomaso files: Pondering Life’s Changes

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No Fenders Head Scribe Tomaso poses with one of Florence’s maritime critters from the nearby Sea Lion Caves. (The Tomaso Collection)


“Time indeed in a Gypsy Caravan which will leave you stranded in Dreamland. And Distance is totally a long range filter.” As sing it Geddy!


Yeah, Arse-sumedly I’m still here Y’all, albeit still recovering from my very invasive Open Heart surgery!


Meaning I’m subjugating Yuhs to another of the plethora ‘O Canned stories I feverishly poonded’ out before going to Hospital. As I’ve just crossed the threshold of one month since having mechanical Heart valve replacement surgery Or even better yet, having received the Crossed flag for being Halfway through my recovery period!


As who would know that you cannot push, pull, liftor carry anything over 10lbs for eight weeks! And putting that into perspective that a gallon of milk weighs 8lbs. Whilst it’ll be two to three months before my sternum’s fully recovered, Yikes!


Hmm, what’s that ‘Ol Beatles song about Getting Better All the Time, Eh?


As the genesis for this riveting No Fenders yarn came via another of Marshall Pruett’s enjoyable Podcasts. Where Marshall spoke with John Edwards, the racer, upon His trading one cockpit for another…


As it’s hard for me to believe that I actually saw Edwards racing for Gerry Forsthye’s Red Bull backed Toyota Atlantics team at Portland International Raceway Wayback’ in Gory 2007! Not to mention that John began racing professionally before He’d earned His “pedestrian(civilian) ” Drivers license!


As Edwards, now 32, pragmatically talks about His decision to step away from His Werk’s BMW drive with Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing in favour of becoming a Aeroplane Pilot to support His Family.


Where Marshall points out the obvious. Telling Edwards do you realize how few racing drivers get to choose and go “Out” on their own terms?


And my learning of Edwards career change came whilst I was also pondering another’s career evolution. As Hoser’ Barry was the first to inform Mwah ofRush “Frontman” Geddy Lee’s latest book titled My F’ing Life!


As we debated the merits of Geddy’s singing voice, for which I still say sounded Horrible Wayback’ in the summer of 2015 when I last saw Rush performing during their 40th Anniversary tour at the Key Arena in Seattle, which forever will simply be known as the Coliseum to Mwah…


Next Barry informed me about Geddy having released at least two new songs. Most notably Gone, a Haunting, melodic tune obviously devoted to lost Bandmate Neil Pert, thee Rhythm Professor…


As listening to Gone made me realize how long it’s been since I’ve listened to Rush, albeit sporadically pulling up an occasional old Rush album on Youtube over the years. But still, I realized it had  been eight years last winter since I was still devoted to Rush.


As it was good to hear Geddy’s signature voice sounding good once again, and having lowered His octive range. Since after all, Geddy’s 70 Freakin’ years old now!


And while the more times I listen to the song, the more I enjoy it, along with the range of emotions it can bring to me. I still come away feeling somewhat hollow, since it just doesn’t seem to quite have the same punch with Peart playing Drums upon it.


Also listened last December to a very enjoyable 38-plus minutes interview, minus it’s sound wonkiness on Youtube with Geddy Lee when scribblin’ this. Hmm, perhaps my issues with sound quality is akin  to Geddy professing He’s a perfectionist, eh?


But as I’ve said repeatedly before. Y’all know that Blind people have Super powers, Righto?


The interview’s titled Geddy Lee on my F’ing life, Rush and the story of Neil Peart’s audition.


Naturally the portion about Neil’s death was very powerful, touching and made me cry. With Geddy explaining how underappreciated Neil had felt on Rush’s final tour about how nobody praised His epic drum solo. To which Geddy said, who’d know, Eh?


Yet Geddy also briefly touches upon how living in the past can be dangerous, and how He’s ready to get on with His life and pursue His “Pet” projects. Arse-sumedly including recording His own, new music…


All of which left me circling back to what initially Haunted me after being told by my Heart surgeon that He thought I’d be a good candidate for mechanical Heart valve replacement surgery.


Asking Mary ellen why did I deserve to get a second chance? Upon learning what the odds of my surviving without treatment were.


Further learning that the British Medical Journal notes upon patient’s symptoms being diagnosed with severe Aortic stenosis. They have as low as 50% survival rate at two years, and only 20% at five years if not treated, Aye Karumba!


As we’ve All heard those prophetic words of make the best of your second chance, as we only get one life!

 And we’re “Only Immortal for a limited time!” So make the best of it.


For which although totally true, has always come across as a cliché to me. For which now I’m struggling over how to do this very thing being in the Autumnal chapter of life…