Thursday, February 29, 2024

F1: Another Tsunami looming?

Or can the opposition temper this Freak ‘O nature?


Forgive me for the lack of any riveting Pre-season Formula 1 banter Y’all! But as Yuhs know, I’m simply out of the loop right now. Not to mention having considerably “cooled” upon Formula 1 due to whom Claudio’ coned as the Dutch Tsunami’s utter domination!


Y’all know that pesky ‘lil Pipsqueak named Maximilian Verstappen! Whose made a total mockery out of Formula 1! Although I still swear large parts of His success is due to someone named Adrian Newey and His amazing racecar designs.


Thus I’ve totally missed  the past weeks riveting three days February 21-23 winter testing at Bahrain International Circuit. Where I’d expect that Red Bull and MaxiMillions’ were on top again, unless they’re just keeping Thar “Powder Dry” for the regular season.


While I do know that the first two races of the stupendously long season are being held on Saturday in order to not clash with Ramadan in the Middle East.


As the Bahrain Grand Prix at Sekir takes place this Saturday, March 2nd, and possibly the first day of F1 practice has already ended? Followed by the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on the streets of Jeddah commencing March 9th.


Unfortunately, due in large part to the current Power Unit (PU) development freeze we’re in until 2026. Along with Adrian Newey’s brilliance! I’m resigned to MaxiBoy’ (Verstappen) Blitzing the field for another two years, Sigh! And being a five times World Champion by 2025, Groan!


As the $64k Question is whether or not either McLaren, Ferrari or Mercedes can actually pose a proper fight agains Max?


Since obviously these are the only three Formula 1 teams I can see possibly giving Max some grief! Not to mention you can never rule out ‘Ol Frederico Suave, aka Fernando Alonso. Although I don’t know how good the Aston Martin will be this year?


Yet with zero driver changes upon the grid for the first time in forever. Y’all would think this itself should allow for some condensing of the talent gap to Verstappen and Red Bull?