Wednesday, August 23, 2023

The ever reciprocating Wheels of Motor Racing

Sing it Billy Preston! Will It go round in Circles?


Yeah, forgive Mwah for playing Ketsup’. As I’m El Mucho behind on this, especially since I was off in Ye proverbial Bush with Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary ellen and Hang 10- Hilo the past three weeks, Butt?


Upon the News of thoust proverbial tossing of another talented Formula 1 driver like Cold Bathwater by Der Helmut’, aka Dr. Helmut Marco. Since Y’all have presumably moved on from that Firing Wayback’ on Wednesday, July 12th, El Correctomundo?


It nawed at Mwah that former FIA Formula 2 and Formula E Champion Nyck de Vries had previously tested an IndyCar for Meyer shank Racing? Which indeed He did so at Sebring Wayback’ in December, 2021. As what an impressive Quartet went testing that day.


When then Mercedes Formula E teammate Stoffel Vandoorne tested for Arrow McLaren SP. Callum Ilott Arse-sumedly for Juncos Hollinger Racing. (JHR) And if memory serves your aging Blogger correctly? Jack “Achey Breaky” Aitken tested for Ed Carpenter Racing. (ECR)


As De Vries was quickest of the four that day. And presumably Mike Shank’s already made a phone call immediately afterwards, Righto? To the unceremoniously Dumped Scuderia alphaTauri F1 Driver about piloting one of their two IndyCar entries next year?



Whilst you presumably also know that De Vries was replaced by DannyRic’, aka Daniel Ricciardo. Whose being “loaned” to AlphaTauri for the remainder of the season as De Vries’s replacement. With Ricciardo claiming He’s “Stoked” to be back in Formula 1, Uh-duh!


As I’m sure others have already lined up the “Polka Dots” of Ricciardo’s return as a tune-up to replacing the currently beleaguered Checo’, nee Sergio Perez at what Austin F1 sherpa Claudio denoted as the Big Bulls’, ergo Red Bull Racing for 2024. Since Herr Marco and Company have already well documented how much signed contracts mean to them, Ja Volt!


And was this just a neat way to get Ricciardo some “Seat-time” along with Alex Palou slotting into the vacated AlphaTauri or whatever it’s new moniker for next year will be?


As does Palou have visions of Grandeur of one day driving alongside Max Verstappen? Even if noise was being made at Bloody Silverstone about Marco meeting with Lando Norris’s “Agent”. (Manager)



Naturally All Hell broke loose whilst on Holiday, again! Since we All know now that Alex Palou is staying put at chip Ganassi Racing for 2024 and beyond. With Tom “The Bomb” Blomqvist being announced as the driver next season for Meyer shank Racing’s #06 entry, with Helio Castroneves moving into an Indy 500 Only role with the team next year.


While reports noted de Vries having a “Coffee” with Herr Crying Wolff of Mercedes fame in Ye Principality’, nee Monte Carlo awhile ago now. With the Dutchman apparently keen upon staying in Europe with rumours claiming He’d been talking to Nissan about a Formula E drive for next season.


Although Thars’ still the potential of an IndyCar Drive, as Arrow McLaren and Zakery Brown have plenty ‘O suitors for the potentially vacated No. 6 seat next year! Or de Vreis could fill out an impressive lineup at RLLR aboard it’s #30 entry…