Thursday, August 17, 2023

F1: Comparing Max, What’s All the Noise about?

Especially since you’ve got a long ways to go to catch some Dudes named Schumacher and Hamilton…


Perhaps it’s just Mwah? Or is there a lot of noise being made over how G-R-R-R-Reat’ Max Verstappen is? Along with being compared with the pantheon of the Sports elite?


Since now that Ye Formula 1 Brat Pack member whom I’m simply calling MaxiMillions’ these days has surpassed the late Ayrton Senna’s F1 career tally of 41 wins, which Max Verstappen tied by winning this year’s Canadian Grand Prix. Dovetailing nicely with Red Bull claiming the “Ton” for Grands Prix victories, i.e.; 100 F1 wins.


Red Bull becomes only the fifth Formula 1 Constructor to do so. Behind Ferrari’s 242 W’s, McLaren’s 183, Mercedes 125 and Williams 114. With Red Bull being able to tie Williams by season’s end if they sweep the entire season, Youza!


As here’s the numbers I gleamed between Senna and Verstappen as of the Canadian Grand Prix. Since we All know that Max has claimed another two Poles and Wins at the subsequent Austrian and British Grands Prix. And was then only eight wins shy of tying “the Professor”, aka Alain Prost. And ten shy of tying ‘lil Syd viddle’, aka Sebastian Vettel ( With Prior to the Hungarian Grand Prix).


Stats                Senna  Verstappen

Starts               161      171

Wins                            41        41

Poles                           65        25       

Podiums          80        85

Fastest laps                 19        24

Championships           3          2



Ayrton Senna: 1984-1994

First Win: 1985 Portuguese Grand Prix

Last Win: 1993 Australian Grand Prix


Max Verstappen: 2015-Present

First win: 2016 Spanish Grand Prix

41st win: 2023 Canadian Grand Prix


Although for Mwah, having actually seen racing in person whom I fondly rmember as the “four Horsemen!” Aka Ayrton Senna, alain Prost, Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet. The answer to the Question is simple. NO Max, you’ll never be as great or greater than Senna!


Since although I rarely dwell upon it. I’ll never forget the one and only time I stood some three feet apart from Ayrton Senna on the Downtown streets of Arizona!


Thus, in ten fewer races, when Formula 1 seasons were shorter, therefore meaning a Driver’s career tended to be shorter. Especially vs. today’s disgusting push by Liberty Media to Suck out All the Cash possible from F1 by expanding to a ridiculous 24-25 Grands Prix preseason!


Even so, in ten fewer races, Ayrton won three F1 World Championships vs. Max’s two. Not to mention the jarring discrepancy of Pole positions, as in 40 Freakin’ more Poles, Aye Karumba!


And this doesn’t even take into consideration that Senna spent His first year driving for the Back-marker Toleman. Or the next two seasons with the under-performing Lotus, before finally moving to McLaren!


As it’s pretty amazing that McLaren’s record of 11 consecutive Grand Prix victories with Senna and Prost’s “magical” 1988 season, winning 15 of 16 Grands Prix has stood some Gory 35 years, before being broken by Red Bull!


Not to mention this Ain’t a fair comparison, since it’s obvious Senna would have gone onto win more races and Championships at Williams had it not been for that fatefall day at Imola…


As I totally agree with the commentator’s points about overall greatness vs. plain Statistics regarding who the Best formula 1 Driver is? Although I’m not sure if Senna would be my All-time Greatest? Since Juan Manuel Fangio and Jimmy clark come to mind! As here’s the Youtube video of why Senna’s the Greatest F1 Drivers.


As I especially like the point about how Senna had three Million grieving Brazilians line the streets for His Funeral. Which I highly doubt would happen for Max!


Not to mention how many millions did Ayrton donate to His Countries Poor? Which what has Max done?


Yet it seems pointless to compare formula 1 Greats or any other drivers across the countless generations. Since the more I think about it, I’m just Uber impressed by El Maestro! Formally known as Juan Manuel Fangio.


As Fangio didn’t begin wrasslin’ a front engine Formula 1 roadster until Age 37 in 1948. Arse-sumedly withot power steering! Not to mention Drum brakes, etc. until Age 47! And in only 52 entries  or 51 Starts, won an incredible 24 Grands Prix. The best ever winning percentage of nearly 50%, noted as 46.15 Freakin percent!


Along with then an unassailable five F1 World Championships won over just seven years! For which somebody named Der Terminator’ here at No Fenders, aka Michael Schumacher claimed his sixth F1 World Championship 46 years later at Suzuka in 2003. A race your Humble No Fenders Scribe Tomaso just so happened to be present at!


Or winning His five titles driving four different Marques, i.e.; Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Mercedes, Ferrari and Maserati once again.


With His 1954 F1 championship impressing me most, since He won driving for two different manufacturers in one season, beginning with Maserati before switching to Mercedes; the only time ever done.


Not to mention recuperating from a broken Neck in 1952! Along wit contesting the grueling Mille Miglia, Targa Florio, Carrera Pan America or countless other trechorous Rally races in Argentina…


Or how about Jimmy Clark? Who surely would have won more than two F1 Championships if not killed racing in a Formula 2 race. Being just one of three Formula 1 World champions to win the Indianapolis 500!


Or Jackie Stewart simply retiring from F1 after the death of His teammate Francois Cevert. Another of the multitudes of racing drivers perishing when safety was fairly non-existent. Along with the gritty determination of Nicky “the Rat” Lauda?


As I could go on ‘N on, but I think Y’all get the point! Yes,Verstappen’s a very good F1 driver who’ll surely surpass Prost and Vettel to become the third All-time Grands Prix winner. But what does it mean? And how much credit does Adrian Newey, whose F1 Chassis have now won a staggering 200+ Grands Prix! Plus the entire Red Bull Racing Organization deserve…