Wednesday, August 30, 2023

F1: The Plight of Daniel Ricciardo

    Although I suppose it’s Not as Bad as Simon Pagenaud’s lingering Concussion predicament…


Typically steer away from what I consider Puff pieces, unless it regards one of the cadre of racing drivers I like.


Case in point was deciding to “read”, Err listen to a Puff piece upon Me Thinks? About how “Pumped” DannyRic’, aka Daniel Ricciardo was about the upcoming second half of this year’s Formula 1 season. Noting how He’d spent the Summer Break training to get Himself Fit for the forthcoming stretch ‘O races.


As Ricciardo had been Red Bull’s reserve driver and getting His “Mojo” back by working on their simulator, along with being a Red Bull Ambassador, before replacing the rudely discarded rookie Dutchman Nyck de Vries at AlphaTauri, after the Dutchman had only been given a paltry ten races to “impress” the likes of Der Helmut’, aka Dr. Helmut Marco.  


As I, like Arse-sumedly many others have been guessing that Ricciardo’s return to F1 at Scuderia AlphaTauri is simply a tune-up for replacing Checo’, nee Sergio Perez at Red Bull next year, Righto?


Since Marco did little to quelch this speculation by stating prior to the Dutch Grand Prix that Sergio wasn’t 100% certain for next year…


Naturally I felt bad for Daniel after ironically He broke His Hand whilst taking evasive action to not Slam into Countryman Oscar Piastri at Zandvoort during Friday practice.


As the rookie Aussie’ who replaced DannyRic’ at McLaren this season had spun on the blind, banked Turn-3 corner ahead of Ricciardo. With Daniel reportedly not being able to remove His Hands from the steering wheel quickly enough before impacting the wall!


I first learned about the incident when perusing my NFB Newsline for The Blind’s Reuters Motorsports News feed Friday morning. But what I found annoying was that Reuters, London Telegraph, etc. Noted that Ricciardo had broken His wrist. And others like The Guardian and Racer were saying He’d broken His Hand.


As I really get tired of this Shoddy, misleading reporting. Like is it His Hand or wrist Dudes?


Thus after looking up what a Metacarpal is, technically both descriptions are correct. Since apparently the Metacarpal are the Bones between one’s fingers and wrist, connecting each other. But still, it would be nice for everybody to say the same Gory words…


AnyHoo’ regardless, Ricciardo was not medically cleared to compete and was summarily replaced by the team’s reserve driver Liam Lawson. Although reportedly sacked Nyck de Vreis was still on AlphaTauri’s Driver’s “rolls”, and would have been a popular choice at Zandvoort.


Yet Red Bull further stuck the knife into de Vries when the team elected to give the 21yr old New Zealander His debut Grand Prix start instead.


While Ricciardo flew to Barcelona to undergo surgery to “Clean-up” His Metacarpal break in order to recover as quickly as possible.


With rumours initially suggesting that Ricciardo would be targeting a return to the cockpit at the Singapore Grand Prix, despite it being a highly physical race.


Ricciardo’s Hand surgery was successful with a plate and screws being inserted to aid recovery, with Red bull haveng subsequently said that rookie Lawson will “Deputize” at this week’s Italian Grand Prix, and until ricciardo’s ready to return to His AlphaTauri cockpit.


Thus I can only Hope DannyRic’ makes a speedy, but Full recovery before returning to action either at Suzuka or Austin later this season.