Wednesday, January 13, 2021

The Life of A Blind blogger


But does It really Matter what a Blindman Thinks, and Who Cares? Especially if He Cannot S-E-E the Computer Screen He’s trying to type his riveting Stories Upon…

As I was walking down the street one day” – SLAM! BASH! BANG! CRASH! Oh Never Mind at my witty repartee, Hya! Or my Not to that ‘Ol Chicago song Does It Really Matter What Time It Is?

The Tomaso Files: Hey Blind Man, Where do You think You're Going?

As I’ll try keeping this somewhat Short ‘N Sweet, Ha-Ha, Not! Especially since I’m still currently unable to post Blog Stories or run Speilchequor’, for which Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen chided me, You Never Speel things correctly anyways, so why Bother?

But if you’re a regular visitor to No Fenders, then you’ll definitely notice the lack of posts lately. As this is due to two main occurances. Whale’ may be three?

As Seriously? I went 15 Days in December without Any Freakin’ Email service ‘cause Spectrum kept making my Microsoft Outlook 2019 program Dump! Err, Crash, and I couldn’t Gory Send or Receive any Email unpil twice having my local Computer Tech Boffin’ Matt kindly restore my Outlook settings! Enabling me to send said material to Blogmeister’ Miguel for posting.

Since if you’re Blind, then you probably cannot SEE the Bloody Drop Down Menus, et Al necessary to reset your Account Settings Jackarses!

Being Blind, I thought whenever we improved technology it was to actually benefit us, and not be just for Changes Sake, Righto?

Yet I’ve been Shanghaied first by Blooger’, nee Google’s new P.O.S. Blogger platform interface, which I still cannot currently access, Sigh!

This is due in part to my new Zoomtext 2020 Screen Reader not wishing to cooperate, and for whatever technical reason, It won’t even let me enter the site, since it new screen reading voice “Zoey the Princess Warrior” sez’ End of document, Bullshit Sister!

Meanwhile, or as Ye Late Show’s Steven Cobert says: “Quarantine-while, Hya! Microsoft’s managed to apparently bring thou Curse ‘O Planned obsolescence to my Home, since I was Painfully informed that my wonderful 19-inch Square High Definition monitor wouldn’t work with winDOUGHS 10, ‘cause it wasn’t the new Wide-track’ Aspect Ratio, forcing me to upgrade to a new 24-inch rectangular Bitchin’ monitor as Randal, Thy No Fenders Moniker King would say. As Thars’ certainly been a whole lotta Bitchin’ here lately, but I digress…

Thus if you’re Blind like I am, and you’re slowly losing your peripheral vision, then Wider is Definitely Not Better! As having everythingy’ Stu-retched Out makes it infinitly Harder to See or Find upon the Screen! Not to mention Gory Difficult to “S-E-E” where the cursor is, or to find it in relationship to the word/letter you’re trying to highlight in order to change or manipulate…

And that’s before we even get into the colour changes, the text appearing “lighter” on-screen and a myriad of other issues, as “So it Goes!”

As I’m now literally Grasping at Straws! And haven’t been able to Blog since the beginning of August when some JackAlopes at Google thought they needed to Swoosh up their Blogger platform for NO reason!

Then waiting a further month’s time to get my new 24” monitor & Sound-bar plus a new printer delivered & installed, which I originally couldn’t get said printer to work, before Matt switched it over to Wireless…

Although the printing issue was partially due to Microsoft Updating Windows and reverting everybody’s Printer settings back to Default, URGH!

Since if you’re Blind, then you most likely CANNOT S-E-E’ the Drop-down Menu “Strip” where your printer settings are Hidden Jackalopes! Oh wait a My-Nute’, did I already say that?

All the while I’ve been Ah-Waitin’ patiently since October 29th for the Oregon Commission for The Blind (OCB) to actually Help me Solve the Host ‘O Technical Issues still unresolved to no Avail!

As I’d like to Arse-sume this ridiculously elongated waiting period is due to the current Budget Strain upon Social Services since every State and Cities are struggling with their budgets due to the COVID 19 Lockdown this past Spring. Since what’s the first thing trimmed from Government Budgets in a Catastrophe? Uhm, I’ll give Yuhs a Hint. It AIN’T the Military or Law Enforcement, Oh Never Mind!

As first we couldn’t schedule any In-Home visits due to Oregon’s two week Corona Virus “Freeze” between November 18th-December 2nd. And we’re still in a holding pattern due to Lane County being in the Extreme COVID 19 Category.

Then a few weeks later, I was finally informed that the Portland OCB Office couldn’t do any Remote Login sessions with me due to their Budget having been Cut by Oregon’s governor Kate Brown, which is part of the aforementioned Budget Deficit caused by the original Lock Down in March…

As why are Social Programs always affected Hardest? And how is a Blind person supposed to life independently if Thars’ NO Social “Safety Net,” Err Services to Help ‘em?

And then for the Cherry On Top of this Clusterfuck ‘O Technical issues, for reasons unknown, somebody at Spectrum, my Internet Service Provider simply turned Off my Email’s Send/Receive function W/O Any Warning! Claiming that my Password wasn’t “Strong” enough, but Seriously? You just turned it off without even Gory warning me? Leading to my not being able to send these riveting No Fenders Post to Blogmeister’ Miguel for uploading onto Ye Blog for over another week’s time, SHEISA!

Alas, All of these Never Ending IT issues which I cannot S-E-E which teeny weeny boxes to check or circles to fill in the Dots! Obviously has made my desire to attempt scribblin’ anything of substance for the No Fenders Blog that’s been effevtively Neutered at the very least by NO Fault ofMy Own, as Y’all know how Dan-Dan-Danicker’ once famously Quipped It’s Not My Fault! Has caused me to completely lose interest in writing anything, which naturally frustrates me greatly, since I thought technology was supposed to help us ‘N improve our daily lifes? And I Fail to understand why I’m forced to have to re-invent myself to technologies, nee IT Confuzer Boffinss’ Whims, Oh Never Mind!

As Thank You for your continued patience. Since I’m 86% certain it won’t be until the New Year that I might be able to post my very first Blog story Solo?

Uhm, now I’m hoping it’ll be before the 2021 IndyCar season begins, since I’m still on Hold…