Friday, January 3, 2020

AUTOS: While Michael continues Sleeping, Bugatti Races On...

Long ago photograph of a jubilant Michael Schumacher during the Ferrari glory days. (The Tomaso Collection
As Schuey's Still Asleep at the Wheel!

Yeah, today marks the 51st Birthday of once legendous' Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher, for whom I'm no longer feeling inclined towards celebrating his Birthday here upon No Fenders, since who knows what the German's true state is?

Ja-Ja, what's that 'Ol Willie Nelson song that always makes me think of Herr Schumacher's current plight? Oh Yeah...

Yet whilst I should be resting far away from thou nefarious Cathode Ray glow of Ye Confuzer Screen, I'm momentarily pulled back-in by another languishing story here upon thoust Isle 'O Nofendersville.

Hence what better segway to it than using DER TERMINATOR', nee Michael Schumacher's past Dalliances with one Bad Arse, He-Man 1990's Supercar, Eh? As Y'all remember the Bugatti EB110, Righto?

For which I still fondly recall 'Ol Michael scaring the Crap outta some would-be Word Hack'; Err Journalist when taking said victim for a Demonstration Ride and summarily loop de looping his Bugatti!

Michael Schumacher once owned a Bugatti EB110SS like this, a few decades ago. (Image source:
Although the Bugatti in Questione is an Abstentious One-off that sold for an unheard of $12.5m or nearly $19 Million ($18.9m) after Taxes! Which made its public Debut at last year's Geneva auto show.

Yet this stunning One-off' la Voiture Noire automobile was created in Homage of thou legendous' Type 57 SC Atlantics, for which only four examples were built prior to the second Great War, nee World War II, between 1936-40.

As the cars were powered by a robust 3.3-liter DOHC Supercharged Straight 8 Cylinder lump' producing upwards of 170bhp. Propelling these stunning chassis to over a then astounding 200kph! (124mph)

Reportedly three of the four vehicles still survive today, albeit the "Second-Second" example, which was heavily Damaged when struck by a train! Killing its occupants and subsequently being sold for scrap METAL. Was eventually restored with new Bits' including a "Donor" engine after its original lump' was deemed un-repairable.

Although this subsequent restoration has caused its authenticity being challenged and simply deemed a Replica! Which bears the Questione why Messer Lauren's chassis isn't diminished due to his insistence upon re-spraying it the wrong colour.

Whilst I'll readily admit I'm Not a Bugatti expert in any shape or form and only follow these Automobiles from Afar...

As one of the Type 57 SC Atlantics is known as the Rothschild Car due to it's being originally constructed and owned by Lord Victor Rothschild. Whilst another example is currently owned by Fashion Magnate Ralph Lauren, who's car's original colour was Safire Blue.

Yet it's the Type 57 SC Atlantic chassis 57000 453 which was briefly Gene bugatti's personal mount, son of company founder Ettore, who's car is the most revered, especially due to the fact that it's simply Disappeared, and never found, making it Uber Desirable naturally!

thus the new la Voiture Noire, also in stunning Black, albeit utilizing today's de riggour Carbon Fibre - Nods it's Heritage towards Gene's missing automobile whilst celebrating the original company's 110th Anniversary, ironically the very same year Gene was born.

Whilst triumph and tragedy occurred eighty years ago, when Bugatti won its second and final 24 Heurs du Mans before Gene Died behind the wheel of said racecar during a subsequent testing accident...

Presumably the la Voiture Noire caused such desire from other wealthy clientele that Bugatti naturally wished to capitalize upon it's notoriety.

Hence subsequently, Bugatti's produced the Chiron Noire Special Edition, a "Budget" version of the One-off la Voiture Noire for those lucky enough to possess one. Since somehow I suspect Thars No such thing as a "budget" Bugatti Wee Wee Mon Sheeree!

As I'll skip the whole Kerfuffle over Gene, Helle Niece' and Louis Chiron for another day, since I find it somewhat bemusing that Bugatti's current parent company VW honours Monsieur Chiron...