Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Two Series on Two Continents, Same Outcome, Different Results

Bobby Rahal's 1994 Lola/Honda CART PPG IndyCar on Display in the Paddock at Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin's 2019 Road America IndyCar race. (Image source:
With the only thing in common being they both Don't have Fenders...

As Ye OLD-est IndyCar Blogger Geo. Phillips; Hya! Of Oilpressure Fame so succinctly wrote" If you're an Alexander Rossi Fan then you were Happy about the Beatdown he put upon his IndyCar Brethren at Road America.

But if you're Not a Fan of Rossi's, or just a Casual Fan Dropping into Sunday's IndyCar race, then you were either Not Happy or found it to be a Boring race...

For which the man I refer to as Golden Child, aka Lewis Hamilton similarly Decimated the Formula 1 field at Circuit Paul Ricard, during the French Grand Prix the very same day.

When having untypically turned off Thy Telie' with an hour's programming left of the Encore Presentation Sunday evening. Hamilton was leading by a Gory Damn 13-plus seconds, over his Silver Arrows Wingman Valtteri Bottas; YAWN!

As I'm left questioning Thyself over why Rossi's Beatdown of nearly 29-seconds over second place Will Power of Team Penske was so enjoyable, and Hamilton's similar exploit was so Boring?

As I suppose part of it was marveling over Will Power, arguably one of Indy Cars greatest Road Racers saying he Never Saw Rossi all day long, and that was All he Had; YIKES! Reveling in the fact that somebody other than Scott Dixon had Decimated the Penske Death Star in such a resounding fashion...

Whilst a large part of my consternation over the regurgitated Sky Sports F1 Broadcast on le Duesh', aka ESPN2 was the willy-nilly erratic carving up of the programme with annoyingly Disjointed Commercial Breaks, and coming back to lead Presenter Kroftie', aka David Kroft laughing like a Hyena at his own terrible Jokes!

Since Although I Don't know Hamilton's ultimate margin of victory, Rossi won by nearly as much as twice as much time as Lewis did when I switched off around 8:30PM Pacific. so theoretically, Rossi's victory should have been twice as Boring as Golden Childs, Righto?

And as Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen's asked me multiple times over the past several years. Why was I so Gory Damn Ecstatic over DER TERMINATOR', nee Michael Schumacher's utter Domination of Formula 1, yet I now find Hamilton's similar reign so Gawd Damn Boring!

Although part of what initially drew me to Indy Cars was the fact Wayback in the Championship Auto Racing Teams *CART) era, Thar were literally a Dozen Drivers who could potentially win on any Bloody Damn Sunday!

While I suppose a large part of this weekend's Disappointment with the Sky Sports F1 TV Broadcast was the ultra lack of attempting to make the Broadcast somewhat interesting, since the Announcers; Err, Uhm Presenters simply seemed to be spending the whole Broadcast telling Bad Jokes to themselves since the race was an Ultra snoozer!

While the NBC Sports Television Booth Boyz' managed to keep us entertained, along with calling a good race and keeping us interested throughout, with the exception of Thar Colton Herta LUV-fest...

Meanwhile, suppose if I was clever, or poondin' away even more Madly than typical, I'd have managed to post Somme-thun' riveting about the Short lived Ligier IndyCar project coinciding with the just concluded French Grand Prix.

Having only learned about this abortive IndyCar Team effort construed by Guy Ligier & Co. earlier this year via a very small Nugget buried in another of F1 Grizzled Journo' Joe Saward's yearly Fascinating F1 Factoids.

Graham Rahal's current RLLR Dallara-Honda in 1994-esqe Throwback livery. (Image source:
Whilst another Wee Bitamyte 'O Nostalgia garnering much Fanfare at Road America was Thee Graminator', aka Graham Rahal running a Throwback Retro livery paying Homage to Senor Stash, nee Bobby Rahal's 1994 Miller Genuine draft (MGD) Lola/Honda - which was on Display in the IndyCar Paddock, as part of Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing (RLLR) celebrating Honda's 25th Anniversary in Indy Cars.

And stretching thou tangents 'O racing Nostalgia even further, it was that Fine Kuhnaidiun' lass Meesh's favourite IndyCar Team Owner Boobie Ruble'; Err Bobby Rahal who employed a young Racecar Designer by the name of Adrian Newey some 35 years ago. Who was responsible for Designing that year's March 84C IndyCar, along with being bobby's race engineer, with the two forming a close bond.

As March would win the first of five consecutive Indianapolis 500's beginning in 1983 with The Gasman, aka Tom Sneva, thru 1987, when Big al', (Unser, Sr.) won aboard a year old March 86C Showcar.

Not to mention Newey's creations won the 1985-86 CART PPG IndyCar World Series Championships with Al Unser and bobby Rahal respectively.

Alas, thoust Isle 'O Nofendersville was once again soaked by thou Seas 'O synchronicity, as I posted a picture of my Leyton House March/Judd F1 print, apparently indeed with Ivan Capelli's signature upon it - acquired 30yrs ago in Phoenix, AZ, during my Debutante Formula 1 race outing.

Posting said image here on No Fenders Just days prior to learning the news that the man responsible for steering March Engineering Stateside, and sagely engaging Messer Newey to Head its IndyCar Chassis design
took thoust Chequered Flag this June.

As I've wanted to belatedly acknowledge the passing of one of March Engineering's Founders Robin Herd, who led March's customer Single Seater Chassis efforts on both sides of Thee Proverbial Puddle.

Having just realized that two of England's most prolific Single Seater chassis producers, i.e.; Lola and March, whom both never found success in Thee Pinnacle 'O Motor Racing, nee Formula 1 didn't fair too Badly in Indy Cars instead...

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