Wednesday, June 12, 2019

F1: Fowl Smelling Canadian GP

Momma Mia! Did the Race just become Inconsequential for Mwah? And was Dudley doowright in the Steward's Box Sunday?

Certainly everybody who watched this year's Canadian Grand Prix has an opinion over Thee Call! When the Race Stewards handed 'lil syd Viddle', aka Sebastian Vettel a 5-second time penalty for his momentary Off-track Grass Mowing excursion, and subsequently impeding Golden Child', nee Lewis Hamilton's Overtaking Opportunity.

Now I'm Not saying that Vettel wouldn't have immediately keyed his radio button if the roles were reversed, but my only issue with Lewis Hamilton's subsequent Mea culpa over Not wanting to Win this Way; Butt! You cannot have your Cake 'N Eat it too; El Correctomundo?

Since did anybody suffer thru that overly Annoying fluff piece with Ham-Ham' pre-race where he told some Kid he Always wants to Win, be it Ping Pong, Racing, etc. He Hates Losing!

While I'm still 86% certain that the Formula 1 International TV Feed immediately played us Hamilton's In-car Radio saying Vettel had "Broken the Rules!" Following Thar impending dust-up on Lap-48.

and whilst the Outcome of the race upon Thee Circuit Gilles Villeneuve upon Il Notre Dam certainly made me feel Ill! I couldn't help from being slightly Bemused over Sebastian's Post-race Antics, which made him seem very Clownish; Ja Volt!

Yet a large part 'O Mwah couldn't help but feel this was simply Divine Retribution for All of Vettel's previous On-track Shenanigans! From Crashing Out Red Bull team-mate Mark Handlebarz' Webber in Fuji to Thar infamous Multi 21 Spat!

Not to mention telling Charlie Whiting to Go Fuck Himself repeatedly in Mexico City! Or attempting to Turf Off Hamilton in Azerbaijan two years ago...

which are just a few examples of Vettel's rancid Behaviour, since He's Never Wrong! Nor will admit that Hamilton's totally got his Number, as Seb seems to almost inevitably crack when Lewis Dares challenging him for victory...

As interestingly, news now comes that paints Vettel's race penalty in a different light. Claiming the German was actually checking his mirrors and steering right towards Hamilton whilst mowing the grass! In a move reminiscent of his predecessor Michael Schumacher. Or as 'Ol Hobbo', aka David Hobbs would say, Skewmacher...