Wednesday, April 12, 2017

INDY 500: Andretti scores Coup with Rookie Double F1 World Champion Alonso drive...

Fernando's coming to America, where hopefully he won't be a Raging Bull in a China Shop...

Damn! Suppose I chose the wrong year to skip attending the Indy 500, eh? And even funnier yet, as for reasons unknown, albeit ARSE-Sumedly linked to Lucy's temper ability; Read Me the DAMN Webpage Lucy! I'm sorry Tomaso, I cannot read you that Website; Hya!

Ah, I LUV' the smell 'O Synchronicity in the Morning! Err, Methanol; Uhm, Ethanol...

For the first time in 'bout a year? For humour, last night I decided to see if I could get 1070 the Fan to play during the Kevin 'N Cavin Show, aka Trackside and viola! With 'bout 10mins remaining, Mattie' Brabham's voice came boomin' thru my speakers; SHUHZAMM! With the third generation driver saying how it's getting late for rides at Indy, but he's still hopeful of putting something together.

Since due to the mysteries of Duh Internetz' and technology, even though my browser's address was exactly the same as my Blogmeister's settings, I couldn't listen Online to 1070 The Fan nearly a year ago!

Even weirder yet, this morning I awoke hours before my alarm's setting, and with a start, was completely shocked over hearing Lucy', My ARSE-Steamed Screen-reader, just think of that epic movie aptly titled Her...

As Lucy cooed into my ear when reading the Daily Mail's Formula 1 section, Fernando's Coming to America to race in this year's Indianapolis 500; H-U-H?

This is Excellante News for Mother Speedway, Andretti Autosport and Honda! Even if by my unofficial count we're only at 30-cars now, surely we'll have eleven rows of three, Yuh Tink', Think Pink; Hya!

Oh wait a My-nute', pink's already taken by the series lone Femme Fatale and Crowd Darling Pippa Mann with Dale Coyne Racing. Whilst presumably Fernando's car will be sporting McLaren's iconic "Kiwi" orange, even if it's really a Dallara-Honda IndyCar instead.

Like where will the personable Mathew Brabham land? Along with Stefan Wilson or James Davison?

Alas, the inevitable Buzz this will create will only heighten awareness on who fills the remaining seats.., albeit think the Hondres' (Honda) engine leases for May are 'bout done filled up.

Thus leaving the onus upon The Bowtie, nee Chevrolet to provide engines to fill vacancies, although there's not exactly a derth of Chevy teams right now, with the Wildcard being Juncos Racing's arrival at 16th and Georgetown, while hopefully ECR will run a third entry for Spencer Pigot, along with Buddy Lazier answerin' the bell!

Hmm? Won't I-T be Hilarious if the first points of the year Alonso scores, comes courtesy of the wrong championship? And is this just a Stop-gap measure to not only appease Fernando, but defer Attenzione away from the beleagured McLaren Honda F1 program?

And will bloody Jense' step away from the Baccarat tables in the Principality long enough to slog round Monte Carlo's swimming pool in the recalcitrant MCL32? You Make the Call...

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