Saturday, July 13, 2013

No Fenders to Join the 21st Century Shortly!

Howdy Y’all, as you may know if you’ve paid “Soupier-Dooper” attention to this ‘lil ‘BLOB thingy, since June 11th when Ai Squared, the makers of the Zoomtext10.0 Screen Reading software I utilize daily and routinely refer to as ‘Lucy, aka Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, perhaps? Although I tend to think of her more as thy illustrious Lucy of Peanuts fame - as I DARE YOU to try writing a story without me pulling the Keyboard away from you; Hya! Unfortunately gave her a Lobotomy, rendering her even more infuriating then before by making her vocal chords and reading capabilities nearly unusable; FUCK!

Hence, I finally broke down and ordered a brand new ‘Confuzer, albeit NOT any of that FUCKING winDOUGHS 8 SHIT - Are You listening microSOFT! As my computer store at least scored one good point with Mwah when I told them I absolutely do NOT want windows-8 on my machine and they replied, Oh we really DON’T like winDOUGHS 8 either!

Thus, as I’ll be forced to learn a new Operating System on the fly so to speak, by upgrading from XP to W7 (finally) and having to transition thru MS Word 2010 and whatever the new Outlook email program is, (as I like this approach much more over web-based email) which a previous Ai Squared Technician told me was simply A-L-L FLUFF! Over my current MS Word 2003 & Outlook Express, nevertheless I’ve decided to move forward with this since I’ve also been told microSOFT will NOT support XP after April 8, 2014 and SCREWGAL; Err thee gOOgleMunster SHITHEADZ who started the WHOLE downward spiral by NOT supporting IE8 anymore which I used to scribble this Award Winning No Fenders Blog upon - it appears its time to move forwards, eh?

Thus, I’ll leave Y’all with a few belated pre-canned Stories that have been fermentin’ in duh No Fenders storybook Hopper lately, albeit they’re of 2013 vintage before hopefully popping outta duh Wormhole and seeing Y’all on the other side.

Here goes nothin! Thanxs for your patience as I flip the switch here...