Monday, January 8, 2024

Welcome to 2024, Soon to be A very Bumpy Year for No fenders!

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Holy Hanging Tree Stumps Batman! If only Mary ellen had told Tomaso what He was standing underneath, perhaps He wouldn’t have so willingly posed for His picture! (The Tomaso Collection)


As Thars most assuredly gonna be far more Chicanery then upon Ye Mulsane Straight here upon thoust Isle ‘O Nofendersville…


Arse-suming everybody who still visits and read No Fenders, including my three loyal, Diehard readers! Had a very good 2023 Holiday season, El Correctomundo?


And as ‘Ol chucklenuts’, ergo George Bush Jr once proclaimed. I’m the Decider! Meaning I’ll gory Damn well decide what to post here upon No fenders Willy Nilly! With No Willie Vanilla Jokes here, Hya!


Hence Thar won’t be a riveting 2023 Formula 1 Golden Tailpipes edition for obvious reasons this year! Like can Y’all say Dutch Tsunami?


This year will be a watershed moment in my life, albeit the profound changes began last Zepptember’. Which is parlance for the month September, in homage to what Seattle’s Classic Rock station KZOK calls this Fall month…


Whilst I won’t get into specifics for a Wee Bitamyte’ Y’all, suffice it to say. Normal programming at No Fenders will be hugely impacted! For which I’ll appreciate everyone’s patience and continued readership when I’m able to post various riveting topics here from Ye mystical Isle ‘O Nofendersville Mateys’, R-r-r!


Thus, with that Public service announcement (PSA) out of the way, let’s get down to the Nitty Gritty what Say Ye?


What’s that ‘Ol Robert Cray? Oh, you’re definitely a tank of gasoline and the Back Door slam! When dogs All begin Howling when you walk past them…


Guessing everyone’s already read or heard that Wayback’ on December 15th, A.J. foyt enterprises announced that Sting Ray Robb would be occupying the No. 41 entry this year, replacing Benjamin Pederson. For which I have to say, I got that one right when doing my Silly Season banterings…


And with Robb bringing a walloping, rumoured $9 million budget! This leads me to believe that it’s only a formality until the Great Santini’, ergo Santino Ferrucci’s confirmed for a second year’s drive aboard it’s storied No. 14 entry.


Then my stomach sank when reading that Pedersen had sent out a not so subtle Jab at the Foyt team saying He fully expected to return next season, i.e.; multi-year contract signed in 2023…


As this just made me shake my head in disbelief, since Pedersen would be the worst choice possible for the perpetually Floundering Foyt racing team. Not to mention it’s #14 entry!


It’s also old news that the Alfa Romeo Racing team has rebranded for 2024 as Kick Sauber-Ferrari. Although it’s new official name is Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber. Whilst we All await breathlessly over what Scuderia AlphaTauri will finally revealed it’s long rumoured name change to be? Hmm, will it be the ravishing Racing bulls everyone’s predicting?


Meanwhile, on the day I was in Hospital for the very first time ever in my life, Youza! News broke that former Juncos Hollinger Racing IndyCar driver Callum Ilott had been inked to a Full season FIA World Endurance Championship campaign. With Ilott making up part of Hertz Team Jota’s No. 12 entry.


As the team’s No. 12 number is in homage to team backer Tom Brady’s NFL jersey. With Ilott sharing the Porsche 963 with Norman Nato and Will Stevens.


Although I first learned of Ilott’s new drive when reading the news about Bloody Jense’, aka Jenson Button joining Hertz Team Jota, as it’s final drivers announcement for the team’s two car Porsche 963 WEC Hypercar entry.


As button, the 2009 F1 World Champion with co-drive the No. 38 entry with Oliver Rasmussen and Philip Hanson.


Although Ilott’s still hopeful of competing in this year’s Indianapolis 500 and willing to play “super sub” for anybody provided it doesn’t clash with His “day Job”.


And that’s as far as I got before taking a Holiday break Y’all!


Whilst speaking of Sports Cars, it’s only a very scant 19 days until this year’s 24 Hours of Daytona. Where a massive scrum of 60 cars are entered for the Rolex 24, Vroom-Vroom!