Friday, January 12, 2024

Haas F1 Team in Disarray?

And why should we expect any great on-track performance improvements from Haas this year?


By now Y’all have heard the shock news of Herr Guenther’, whose actually Italian, nee Guenther Steiner’s “Dismissal” from Haas. Since reportedly Steiner, who’s 58 and has been Team Principal since Haas’s (2016) inception simply didn’t have His contract renewed after it expired…


As I’m wondering if Herr Guenther’, one of the “Stars” of The Real Housewifes of F1, nee Drive to survive simply became too big for His britches? And team owner Gene Haas didn’t like being “Overshadowed” by Steiner?


As Ayao Komatsu, soon to turn 48 replaces Steiner as Haas Team Principal. With the Japanese engineer having worked His way up the F1 race engineering ranks beginning at BAR Honda. Becoming head of Trackside Engineering at Haas in 2016, when following Romain Grosjean from Lotus. While it’s worth noting that Komatsu holds a PHD in Vehicle dynamics…


Meanwhile, Haas’s Technical Director Simone Resta has also left Haas one month before the launch of the VF-24. Leaving me to wonder how Gene Haas plans to pull His continuously Back-marker F1 team up near the Midfield anytime soon?