Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Champ Car

Although Champ Car unveiled its chassis of the future earlier this summer, during the San Jose race weekend. More details are becoming known about the completely new 2007 Panoz DP-01.
Most noticeable change is the DP-01’s redesigned front nose wing, a la Formula 1. Underneath the lightened chassis’s skin is the same Ford Cosworth XFE 2.65 liter turbocharged V-8…
New for 2007 the DP-01 chassis features an on-board starter with anti-stall technology along with a new 7-speed paddle shift gearbox. According to Champ Car “guru” Derrick Daly, drivers will be able to make lightning fast gear changes. Upshifts will occur in 24 milli-seconds; Downshifts in 27 milli-seconds. Current F1 gearshifts occur in 3 milli-seconds…
(Milli-seconds = 1/100 second)

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