Friday, November 24, 2006

Champ Cars New TV Package

Rick Daly here, (NOT to be confused with Rick “SMARTWALL” Benjamin…) this just came across my desk. Breaking News… ESPN to broadcast Champ Cars in 2007!
Apparently Santa Claus has left Captain Kirk a present after all…
Although how will we know who the sponsor of former Ice Racing Champion Andrew Ranger’s #27 is, eh7? Perhaps this will feature the return of ESPN’s talented broadcasters Paul Page and Gary Gerald currently languishing in the world ‘O Top Fuel… (NHRA) Of course I certainly hope this will NOT affect perennial pit reporter Jon Beekhuis…

The following comments were penned by Captain Kirk:
we can't have open-wheel unification, at least we can have a common broadcast partner. Once you get past that, the channel is outstanding in a lot of ways. Now, American open-wheel racing is at a place where fans can find it. Speed Channel [the previous broadcast sponsor] has become so NASCAR-centric that we were just a speed bump in their day."

Halleluiah! Does this mean no more Rick Benjamin or Derek Daly?