Saturday, November 4, 2006

Gascoyne’s Gardening Leave

Mike Gascoyne, ex-Toyota Technical Director has begun his new employment with Spyker this past Wednesday. (Nov. 1) Gascoyne, who’d been on “Gardening Leave” since departing Toyota mid-season will become Spyker’s new Chief Technology Officer.
Gascoyne first came to prominence designing winning Formula 1 chassis for privateer Eddie Jordan in the late 1990’s before departing for Benetton/Renault. After a brief stint for Flavio Briatore, Gascoyne went on “Gardening Leave” in order to join Toyota before turning full-circle and returning to Spyker. Spyker recently acquired the Midland F1 Racing team which had purchased Jordan Grand Prix.
Once again in typical Formula One PR “speak,” Gascoyne has promised to move Spyker towards the “sharp end of the grid.” However, Gascoyne warns: “Don’t expect too much from Spyker immediately.” The Ferrari engine deal came together late and Gascoyne joined the team even later. The new chassis for 2007 was mostly completed by November 1st. Gascoyne expects to focus on the future of Spyker, which begins its first full F1 campaign next year…