Monday, March 18, 2024

Some brief IndyCar “Tech” Talk

As how come those darn Flinstones’ were Hard as Rocks?


Although I haven’t been reading Racer’s Mailbag lately. I did listen to Marshall Pruett’s The Week in IndyCar March 13th edition recently.


Regarding all of the reported grousing over the St Pete season opener being a Dud! Marshall pointed out one fact that seems to not be being discussed.


The current spec Dallara DW12 which ironically contested it’s 200th race at St Pete, is currenty 30-31 pounds lighter than it’s predecessor – due to the weight savings initiatives taken for the coming (Hybrid) Energy Recovery System (ERS) slated for this July.


Yet as Pruett sagely points out. Firestone had to make it’s tyres for the perceived debut of the DW12 with Hybrid technology at St Pete, where it was originally planned to debut. And thus Firestone has had to produce harder, longer lasting tyres that can withstand the added burden the ERS will place upon the rear tyres. Along with producing various 2024 rubber compounds for the first half of the year which now is non-hybrid.


Pruett notes how yes, it would have been nice to have added an additional ten laps to St Pete’s total, i.e.; 110 vs. 100 which would have given teams the option to run a three stop strategy. But we only had 100-laps and tyres that didn’t degrade quickly due to the perceived arrival of the DW12 with ERS. And so none of the drivers were overly enticed to take any daring overtaking risks. And hence, St Pete became processional, which has happened during more than one IndyCar race, or now weekly in Formula 1!


Perhaps IndyCar will revisit the upcoming race distances? But I wouldn’t hold your breath upon that!


As the teams will just need to adjust their set-ups and strategies, and presumably if Ganassi and Andretti can qualify further up the grid. Along with at least Christian Lundgaard for Bobby Rahal & Company. Along with Pato O’Ward and the McLaren Boyz’ continue Harrying the pack, then Team Penske should have plenty of competition to contend with…