Monday, November 20, 2023

Formula 1 continues giving Mikey’ the Knife

As we’re Full Up and Don’t got room for Yuhs Andretti!


Arse-sumedly lost in All of the hyperbole over this weekend’s Steal your Money Las Vegas Grand Prix! Was the never ending plight of Michael Andretti trying to get His Andretti Global racing team onto Formula One’s Grid, preferably in 2025. Although that window seems to be fast closing…


Since the majority of the current ten Formula 1 Teams are strongly opposed to Andretti Global joining their exclusive party. Even if Andretti’s now been given the green light regarding it’s submittal to become the 11th F1 Team on the grid by the FIA.


Not to mention that Renault has publicly announced that Andretti’s engine, Err Power Unit (PU) agreement has expired, and that they’ll need to renegotiate with le Reggie’ for a supply of current spec PU’s for a 2025 F1 campaign under the guise of Andretti Cadillac.


Yet when reading Grizzled F1 Journo’ Joe Saward’s Green Notebook from Waxahachie a Fortnight ago. I was struck by the thought I’ve been harbouring awhile now.


As the ten ‘lil Indians, Err F1 Teams biggest conjecture or main talking point these days is how an Andretti F1 Team running at the back of the grid will be damaging to Formula 1, Seriously?


Shouting to myself what is Gene Haas’s perpetually underperforming Haas F1 Team doing to it’s current Share prices? Y’all know, the last place team on the grid!


And why did  the line “It reeks of Politics” from Midnight Oil’s Forgotten Years song immediately pop-up upon my internal radar?


Yes, I understand how the current F1 Cartel, Uhm 10 Formula 1 teams don’t want to loose any money currently being doled out to them by Liberty Media. Or how they feel that the $200m as in Millions Anti-Dilution fund Mikey A’ and His constituents will be required to pay is deemed too low of an “entry Fee” for aspiring Formula 1 teams…


But you know what? As far as I’m aware of, nobody held a Gun to their Heads when signing their current Concorde agreement contracts! Which stipulates these current terms…


And although I’m not one to get wrapped up in Jingoism, and absolutely do not give a Rat’s Patooey where the F1 Teams come from or our Flagged. But regardless, you cannot say this concerted effort to deprive Andretti from taking the eleventh team spot upon the F1 grid doesn’t give an appearance of trying to keep an American entity from competing on an majorly European playing field!


Now am I saying we All should be calling Him Saint Michael? Absolutely Not! Since obviously Mikey A’ and His financial partners see the value of becoming a Formula 1 team, which is what All Businessmen do.


But All I can hear ringing in my Head whenever I read something upon this battle royale is the word Collusion!


Since wouldn’t it be better to take Andretti’s money now before the F1 Bubble Bursts? Which I can only see happening sooner than later with the onslaught of Max Verstappen making a mockery out of Formula 1! And that we’re locked into another two years of this Dull dominance. Which surely has to be somewhat demoralizing to the rest of the F1 Grid!


As Tacoma Bureau Chief Mary Ellen said it best prior to the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. Saying why don’t they send everybody else Home and just let MaxiMillions’ drive round in circles?


Meanwhile, General Motors has announced that it will only partner Andretti Global in Formula 1 with it’s Cadillac brand, despite F1 suggesting they find a different partner. With GM planning to hold discussions with F1 Commercial Rights Holder Liberty Media and FOM (Formula One Management( over the Lost Wages’ Grand Prix weekend…