Monday, February 13, 2023

Ford Joins the Formula 1 Party, along with Five Other registered PU Suppliers in 2026

As FoMoCo’ jumps on the Formula 1 Bandwogon, and Hopes to Cash in…


By now it’s old news over the Ford Motor Company announcing their return to Formula 1 in the Big Apple ten days ago. When Red Bull became the very first ever Formula 1 Constructor to hold an F1 Car launch in the United States. Making it’s ‘lil Seester Scuderia AlphaTauri’s NYC launch two days ago seem somewhat Quaint.


As what seems overlooked was that on the same day of Ford’s announcement, the FIA also announced that six Power Unit (PU) Manufacturers had registered to supply Power Units for the 2026-2030 PU Formulae.


The most interesting of these six, which include two new enities, is the return of Honda. While the three current PU suppliers, i.e.; Alpine, (Renault) Ferrari and Mercedes Benz are joined by Audi and Red Bull Ford.


What’s Funny about this to Mwah is All of  the Grumbling being made by the current 10 F1 Teams over Michael Andretti’s ambitions of becoming the Sport’s 11th Formula 1 Constructor with GM’s Cadillac for 2026. Since they’re “worried” it will be a Badge Engineering exercise, which is exactly what Ford just agreed to due with Red Bull and AlphaTauri. But I guess the only difference is that those are existing F1 Teams, and I noticed that they were careful to call it Red Bull Ford instead…


But like I said. The most interesting Playah’ in this announcement was Honda’s desire to now return to Formula 1 after having pulled the plug at the end of the 2021 F1 season.


Thus I can only speculate is this who Andretti and Cadillac would partner with to build their PU’s? Since General Motors and Honda have a habbit of sharing joint technical alliances. Presuming that the ten little European F1 Teams are gracious enough to allow Michael Andretti to join their exclusive party.


Otherwise I’m left wondering who Honda would produce Power Units for? Although Williams Honda would have a nice synergy to it, provided it’s newly anointed Team Principal James Vowles can right it’s floundering ship?


Or will Honda power a yet as of unknown of potential, new 12th F1 Constructor? And what about the stillborn Porsche PU effort? And does this mean that the current 10 F1 Teams won’t let Cadillac come and play?


But like Grizzled F1 Journo’ Hoe Saward just said regarding the annual F1 Car launch season. It’s the Warm ‘N Fluffy part of the season. When everybody has visions of Grandeur, even though some are Delusional!