Wednesday, February 8, 2023

F1: 2023 Car launches Begin

Ooh, ah, look at All of the Shiny, Purdy colours! And Nah, that’s not to be Cornfuzed with Brock Purdy, Ouch!


For those keeping track, here’s the list of the Formula 1 Car launch dates known. Since when I began this Alfa Romeo and Haas had not announced their dates yet, but have since done so.


Haas: January 31

Red Bull: February 3

Williams: February 6

Alfa Romeo: February 7

AlphaTauri: February 11

Aston Martin: February 13

McLaren: February 13

Ferrari: February 14

Mercedes: February 15

Alpine: February 16


Guess it makes sense that Red Bull, the reigning Formula 1 Drivers and Constructors Champions were initially launching first. Going very Upscale by hosting a physical car launch in New York. Being the first time ever in formula One’s History to Host an F1 Car launch in the States.


At least I Arse-sumed it was an actual F1 Chassis being shown. Although it will obviously not be the team’s definitive RB19 2023 F1 Challenger. Since these are “State” secrets for All ten of our current Formula 1 Constructors, who are loathe to let anybody new join their party! Boo Hoo, we Don’t wanna let anybody else have a piece of our Cake Mikey!


Yet I almost feel sorry for Williams and Alfa Romeo following Red Bull now. Since they will definitely still be overshadowed by the announcement of Ford returning to Formula 1 in partnership with Red Bull Power Train, “co-producing” it and AlphaTauri’s 2026 Power Units. (PU)


And it seems like this is All that was talked about at Red Bull’s launch, which I thought I read somewhere it was just a livery reveal of the Red Bull’s latest F1 Challenger?


As Williams and Mercedes are said to be holding Digital release events. Whilst I’m guessing Ferrari’s doing something at either Maranello or Fiarono? With Aston Martin holding it’s Rollout at it’s Silverstone factory.


Alpine will reveal it’s new racecar in London. While AlphaTauri will use the same New York City premises as Thar Big Brother Red Bull used just over a week previously.


Initially leaving us wondering when Alfa Romeo and Haas would launch their new cars? And whether or not these will just be digital teases prior to Formula One’s single three day test session at Bahrain, from February 23-25.


And in what feels like it’s becoming an yearly tradition. Haas once again “Jumped the Shark” to the Head of the Queue with it’s 2023 livery release on January 31st, with it’s VF-23 to actually break cover closer to Bahrain’s February test. Revealing during it’s livery launch on a virtual, basic shape concept of last year’s car. That the team would due a Shakedown test of the VF-23 on Feb 11th at silverstone.


Meanwhile Alfa Romeo quietly announced their launch will be held a day after Team Wlly’s on February 7th. In what I’m pretty certain is the final year of Alfa Romeo branding.


As the F1 season commences on March 5th, also at the Bahrain International Circuit. Followed by Saudi Arabia and Australia to start the year. With now just a Mega’, record 23 races on the calendar. As this April’s cancelled Chinese Grand Prix will not be replaced, leaving a four week gap in the schedule between Australia and Azerbaijan.


As we’re just shy of a month away before another lengthy Formula 1 season commences, and just over a Fortnight’s time, ergo 17 days until Cars actually Hit the track in earnest for the first time this year…