Thursday, January 4, 2007

Robin’s Rant

Robin Miller has penned his version of Champ Cars 2006 season review and he’s managed to squeeze it all into a single page…

Miller seems to lament on his favourite “whipping-boy,” better known as either “Sugar Ray” or “Sand Dune” Tracy. Miller also gives AJ Almendinger his just rewards, from zero to hero and back to zero in less than six months, i.e.; fired by RuSPORT. Winning his very 1st Champ Car race with Forsythe, going on a tear to challenge for the Championship prior to DEFECTING to “RASSCAR…”

I’m very pleased to see that Miller gave Justin Wilson a classy move award regarding his non-plussed attitude over Sebastian Bourdais PUNTING him out of the lead during the final lap at Mexico City. As Miller noted, Wilson didn’t whine about the incident and this inspired him to give Wilson the recognition that he so rightly deserves…

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