Friday, June 21, 2024

Wrapping Up more Father Son Racer Duos

For those who aren’t sick of this Story!


Yeah, if you’re still reading my No Fenders tome about Father and son racers, Y’all know it’s time to put this story to Bed! As here goes the last handful of names I thought of when beginning this. Which by All means, is not complete! Since I’m totally Overlooking some of Roundy-rounds greats, i.e.; Earnhardt’s, Petty’s and Allison’s for starters. Or Gurney and Hill, as in both Phil and Graham Hill, Oh Never Mind!


Jan Magnussen, better known as MAGS’, is probably far better known for His long, illustrious Sports Car career. Becoming synonymous with Corvette Racing’s Uber’ successful GT racing efforts, including four Class wins at Le Mans. And now is winding down His racing career in LMP2 prototypes.


Yet MAGS’ actually began as a Formula 1 Pilote racing briefly for McLaren, followed at Stewart Grand Prix. Before switching Stateside to drive Indy Cars for El Capitano’, nee Roger Penske’s Marlboro Team Penske outfit. Then moving to Hogan Penske Racing and capping off His brief IndyCar spell at Patrick Racing.


MAGS’ son Kevin Bacon’ Magnussen is currently in what presumably will be His final year with the Haas F1 Team’s second spell. Having replaced the Fired Nikita Mazepin, also known as MazaSpin’, Youch! For the 2022 Formula 1 season.


Kevin began His F1 career driving for McLaren during His rookie campaign in 2014, before spending the following season as the team’s Test and Reserve Driver. Then moving onto Renault for 2016, and His first stint with Haas between 2017-20. Spending the 2021 season driving for Chip Ganassi Racing’s IMSA Sports Car team, which I’d expect Kevin will return to Sports Cars in 2025. Arse-sumedly in FIA World Endurance Championship or IMSA GTP…


Gilles Villeneuve is a legend with a brief and fiery F1 career, albeit losing His life behind the wheel of His iconic No. 27 rosso Ferrari at Zolder. Having just concluded another Grands Prix on Il Notre Dam at circuit Gilles villenueve…


Whilst Gilles son Jaque Villeneuve is one of only three drivers I can think of to have won both the Formula 1 (1997) and IndyCar Championships! (1995) Along with winning the 1995 Indianapolis 500. And then much later racing in the Daytona 500 and the FIA World Endurance Championship.


Oh Yeah, how could I forget one of “Jaque Vanilla”, a la Jacques Villeneuve’s biggest Arch nemesis? Michael and Mick Schumacher, Eh? Uhm, I suppose since Der Terminator’, nee Michael Schumacher’s been Asleep at the Wheel for over a decade now. Having just read that Michael’s wife Corina’s spending an estimated $7.0 million Euros per year to care for Michael, and continue having a glimmer of “Hope” that He’ll recover. What can I say or write about Herr Schumacher, eh?


As Michael’s son Mick Schumacher still clings to Dreams of returning to a Formula 1 cockpit after a brief stint with Haas F1 as Mazepin’s teammate. With Mick currently serving as Mercedes F1 Test and Reserve driver, along with racing for Alpine in the FIA World Endurance Championship. (WEC) Racing alongside Nicolas Lapierre and Matthieu Vaxiviere in the No. 36 Alpine A424 (LMDH) Hybrid.


Whilst I believe that Michael featured as the mystery Stig’ driver during one season of Top Gear? As in Stig Blomqvist, the World Rally championship champion in 1984.


With son Tom “the Bomb!” Blomqvist, a being a rookie IndyCar this season, albeit having been “Parked” following His first lap accident in this year’s Indianapolis 500. Being replaced by David Malukas beginning at Laguna Seca. And will apparently sit-out the remainder of the season before returning to MSR’s rumoured Sports Car return next year…


And speakin’ of Rallying legends, I suppose I’d be remiss for not mentioning el Matador’, aka Carlos Sainz, who at age 61, just broke His previous record for Oldest winner of the Dakar! His fourth Dakar victory, along with His two WRC titles!


Whilst His son Carlos Sainz Jr is currently racing for la Scuderia in Formula 1. Although Sainz Jnr will be replaced by Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari next year. While we wait to learn where the young Spaniard lands next year in F1, albeit the Doors are closing quickly on 2025 options…


Alas, I’m afraid this riveting No Fenders post could go on and on. Especially since when I first began typing this. I’d just learned when recently completing my American Open Wheel Racing ladder feature about Nicolas Giaffone, winner of the 2023 USF Juniors Championship. Whose father Felipe Giaffone was the 2001 IRL Rookie Of the year. (ROY)


Whilst I most fondly recall Felipe being at an Indianapolis Mall the Babys R US store me Thinks? Shopping for son Nicolas when A.J. foyt called Him to qualify a third Foyt entry for the 2005 Indianapolis 500. Which He successfully bumped Arie Luyendyk Jr. from the field.