Monday, February 17, 2020

INDY 500: Two Future NASCAR Hopefuls...

Will Fernando Alonso's 2020 Indianapolis attempt turn out like Marco Andretti's 2012 Indy 500 did? (The Tomaso Collection)
But will either of them ever contest Thee Big Race at Ye Brickyard in May?

Per Tipicali, during my Daily News Trawl, "My Gal" Lucy', my ARSE-STEAMED Screen Reader Cooed to Mwah a few finely Spun Headlines upon thou Intrawoods' crafted to provoke Attenzione. Although I immediately Dismissed reading the first one by Racer's Marshall Pruett proclaiming how Fast Eddie', aka Ed Carpenter was interested in running Kyle bush at Indianapolis, Uh Duh! Really, Yuhs Don't Say?

Whilst the second Headline I momentarily pondered was's Curty Cavin's Breathtaking article 'bout Seven-times Cup Champ JJ', ne Jimmy Johnson stoppin' by the first day of Wet 'N Wooly weather at IndyCar's COTA Open Test, and pronouncing he's interested in running Indy Cars after his impending RASSCAR retirement; YAWN!

As why did both of these Story's Headlines make me think of the Good 'Ol Indy Racing League Dazes when 'Ol SuperTex', nee Anthony Joseph Foyt, Jr. and SMOKE', aka Tony Stewart had GURR-REAT! Fun at our expense with the Media All Ah-lather' over whether or not Stewart would actually take one of Foyt's IRL Crapwagons' out for a Spin on a Dismally L-A-M-E Indy 500 BOOMP' Day a Kuhzillion years ago, Eh?

Since if memory serves me right? Foyt was runnin' Chevy's and Stewart was in a Joe Gibbs Toy-Yoter' Roundy Round Bomber? Whale' Thar was definitely some major Manufacturer Clash which made it Blatantly Obvious that it wasn't gonna Happen...

Although in fairness to Marshall Pruett, who I'm a Huge Fan of, his story does point out the Obvious, noting that Ed Carpenter Racing (ECR) is currently Full Up with its three cars for Indianapolis already confirmed, i.e.; Ed Carpenter, Rookie Rinus VeeKay and Conor Daly.

And Team Penske's already got its traditional 4-Car Indy 500 Armada filled, and I really Don't "See" where 'Ol Rowdy' would end up choosing to race in a Bowtie entry this year if this Pipe Dream came to fruition...

With absolutely No Disrespect to the Contingent of other Chevrolet entrants, certainly Kyle Bush would be left ponderin' the very same Questione that supposedly that Smarmy Spaniard Fernando Alonso's currently faced with if he wishes to still contest this year's Gala event at Mother Speedway...

Since I'd say that thou only remaining seat of any chance of pulling off an Upset W' at Indy would be the currently unannounced third SPAM', aka Arrow McLaren SP entry, which would be kinda awkward for Fernando to take refuge aboard, Righto? Especially since  he's already cut his ties with his previous Employer.

And I'd hazard guessin' that le Hamburgular', nee Sebastain Bourdais will now be a good Bet upon landing this ride, since he's got strong connections with Thar new Chief Engineer Craig Hansen, Just Sayin'

Which just leads to the other Bowtie' runners, i.e.; Carlin, DragonSpeed, Juncos and Clauson-Marshall Racing, perhaps? Since A.J. foyt's already announced its Three Car Monty' with TK' follow-your-Schnoz! Kanaan, Charlie Kimball and Rookie Dalton Kellett this May.

And although I'm absolutely Not expecting it to happen, it'd be quite the coup if DragonSpeed landed Fredrico Suave', aka Fred Alonso, Ooh la-la Mon Cherie!

But Gee Wally, or should that be Gomer? As Shuhzamm! Look how I'm Talkin' about it, so Mission Accomplished, el Correctomundo?

Smoke On!

As guess this is what happens when Yuhs make IndyCar Fans wait a ridiculous 269 Days  to G-O Racin', and your vaunted Open Test has been Rained Out in Austin. As Tank Gawd' Thars' only how many weeks left 'til St Pete?

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